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Jul 22

When you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, it can significantly impact your oral health and your overall health. Not only can it be challenging to eat and speak, but it can also cause your other teeth to shift out of place. Dental bridges are one way to replace missing teeth and prevent other teeth […]

Jul 22

Your teeth are one of the first things people notice about you. Crooked, gapped, or overcrowded teeth can make you self-conscious and affect your confidence. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional braces for people who want to straighten their teeth without everyone knowing about it. The clear aligners are practically invisible when worn and […]

Jul 08

Whether your teeth are flawed due to age, wear, and tear, or an accidental injury, dental crowns offer a solution to restoring their beauty. Dental crowns can conceal imperfections like chips, cracks, and stains on your teeth, fix broken or fractured teeth, and improve the appearance of misshapen teeth to restore your smile’s esthetic appeal. […]

Jun 20

The key to developing life-long positive oral hygiene habits is starting early. And if you’re a parent looking for Pediatric Dental Care in Santa Clara, California, you’re probably flooded with many choices. Here at Crestview Family Dental, Dr. Kavneet Bindra and her amazing team will help your child develop the oral hygiene habits that will […]

May 10

Optimal dental health doesn’t come by chance — it takes commitment and dedication from childhood until adulthood. While most dental care is done at home, don’t forget to visit your dentist every six months for professional cleanings. No matter how well you clean your teeth at home, a professional dental cleaning from CrestView Family Dental […]