Fillings for addressing dental decay

When decay occurs in the smile, it can significantly damage a tooth’s structure. Tooth decay, or cavities, are entirely preventable with proper oral hygiene habits at home and routine dental visits in the office. Patients who develop cavities will need to speak to a dentist about filling them to keep them from getting larger and protect the tooth’s structure and function. In the past, many dental practices used dark and noticeable materials, such as silver amalgam fillings. Fortunately, Dr. Kavneet Bindra and her team in Santa Clara, California, believe in providing alternatives that look much more natural and blend in with the smile. This material is composite resin, a dental material commonly used in dental practices for aesthetic restoration of the teeth.

What is composite resin?

Composite resin is commonly used for dental patients because of its natural appearance. It matches the natural tooth, ensuring that these tooth-colored fillings not only protect the tooth from further damage but are difficult to discern from the tooth’s original structure. Dental fillings such as this are highly desirable and affordable for patients who need dental work completed.

What can I expect from composite resin fillings?

First, patients will receive a diagnosis of a cavity in their tooth. Treatment is often the placement of a dental filling. The dentist ensures the patient is comfortable with local anesthesia. The decayed area is removed, and some of the natural tooth enamel is filed down to roughen the surface. That ensures that the dental bonding will adhere to the tooth and stay strong. The composite resin is applied to the area and shaped over the tooth’s structure. A special light is used to cure, or harden, the resin on the tooth. Then, the dentist will file and polish the material to ensure it looks completely natural and blends in with the natural smile with ease.

Do you want to learn more about permanent tooth fillings with composite resin?

Connect with Dr. Kavneet Bindra and the Crestview Family Dental team to discuss filling options for areas of decay. The practice can be reached to book an appointment in Santa Clara, California, by calling (408) 217-0727.  

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Kavneet Bindra
Dr. Kavneet Bindra is committed to providing professional dental care so her patients can improve their smiles and confidence.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of the Pacific in Stockton and her Dental Degree from the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. She has been trained in all aspects of general dentistry, including managing children, special needs, and elderly patients and helping those with dental anxiety. She follows continuing education and utilizes the latest technologies to provide the best services to patients.

Dr. Bindra is an active member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and Santa Clara County Dental Society.